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The ketogenic diet helps the body to secrete very small molecules of fuel called ketone. This ketone is used an alternative fuel for the body when there is a less supply of blood sugar or glucose level. Generally ketone will produce when we eat very low carbohydrate food and also the food item which contain moderate protein. Then both the carbohydrates and protein will be converted into blood sugar. When our body is producing ketones then it is in the process of ketosis. Through the fat, ketones are producing in the liver and those produced ketone can be used as a fuel for all over the body including to our brain.

Usually our brain needs lot of energy than any other organ. It cannot run with the fat directly that is it will run only with the glucose or with the ketones. In the ketogenic diet our whole body runs with the ketone fuel which is entirely from the fat. After we started to follow this diet then level of insulin become very low and there will be dramatic increase in the process of burning the fat. Now it is very easy to find the fat stores in our body to burn it. Ketogenic diet will be great to the one who wish to reduce the weight. Ketone will produce more if we are in fasting and it will not be possible to be in fasting at all the time for losing the weight. We will be able to lose weight without having to fast when we follow the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet Plan

Who should not follow the ketogenic diet and how this diet helps to children?

Following the ketogenic diet is safe for almost all people but for the persons with medication in diabetes, High blood pressure and women who are all breast feeding might need some extra care when they are in this diet. Excessive ketones can even be more dangerous for the diabetic persons and also for some other cases. It’s better to know all about the ketogenic diet and process of ketosis in order to avoid any problems. The main benefit of ketosis is to reduce the hunger and for the effortless losing of weight. We can increase both our physical and mental endurance by supplying the constant amount of energy to our body by ketosis.

It is primarily used to treat epilepsy in children. Nearly half of children and some young people with epilepsy have gained after following the ketogenic diet for years and even after they discontinued there is a persisting of positive effect. Ketogenic diet is having the similarity with Atkins diet and like any other low carbohydrate diet it also induce the body to breakdown the fats rather than the breakdown of carbohydrates. This diet has also provided many benefits to adults with neurodegenerative disorders and it does not use any pharmaceutical drugs. Jumping into the ketogenic diet without any proper approach will leads us to failure in the diet.

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